A Grievance About Singers

You know what I hate? Well you probably don’t so I’ll just tell you. I hate when you go to a concert and the artist stops singing so the crowd can sing them their song. I don’t want to pay money to have someone just hold a mic up on stage while everyone around me sings. If I wanted to hear myself sing the song I would drive somewhere or go take a shower. Yes, we know they words to the song. That is why we came! So we could hear you do it, not make it into a chore or ego booster for you to see how many people learned the lyrics to your second album. ‘Oh well it is so amazing when the fans sing our songs back to us.’ Well as a fan I would like to say it is equally as amazing when you fulfill the definition of a concert and give us a public musical performance as promised when I gave you an unreasonably outrageous sum of money.


About lwest0314

Public Relations student at Texas Tech University. I hope to one day work in the entertainment industry! *fingers crossed* I play the flute and the piccolo in the marching band, watch way too much television, and live online. I started this blog last year to shed some light on the things I deem sheddable, so enjoy!

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