Boys: A Private Lesson

Yo fellas, serious question.

No really, as a female who is just curious answer me this:

Why do male singers feel the need to grab their nether regions when they are singing a song. I think it’s worth mentioning to male singers everywhere that they either have a good voice or they don’t, and that they don’t have to go to such extreme measures to get out those high notes! It’s not like that’s where your hand naturally falls when you are standing up either. Like you have to do some reaching. Now I’m all for exercising and I know yoga is supposed to do wonders for your health, but that seems a little extreme if you ask me. And if it is where your hand naturally falls, you might want to think of a new placement that doesn’t show the entire world the habits of your free time. Personally, I’ve noticed rappers are exceptionally guilty of the sing n’ grab.  Today it seems to be a quite progressive concept that pants are fashionable the lower they sag, so maybe they are simply trying to hold up their pants? Maybe they just have a painful UTI? Maybe they do it in a non-conformist “Stick-it to-the-man” sort of way. Ironic that they all do it now…. Maybe they just really have to pee, which would also explain why they talk so fast in their songs so they can finish quickly and dash to the restroom. Snap I think I just cracked the great mystery behind male rappers. They all need a wee. BOOM.


About lwest0314

Public Relations student at Texas Tech University. I hope to one day work in the entertainment industry! *fingers crossed* I play the flute and the piccolo in the marching band, watch way too much television, and live online. I started this blog last year to shed some light on the things I deem sheddable, so enjoy!

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