I Detest Honking

There are few things less stressful than traffic. Really though, almost nothing is more of a day ruiner. It doesn’t  matter if you are starting your day off in a horrible traffic jam or ending it after a long day of work when you hit that rush hour traffic. No one likes it. How does it get worse you might wonder? Well for example when one moment you are having a perfectly pleasant time jamming out to your new Relient K CD and the next thing you know some jerk is honking exasperatedly behind you. Now, the only thing you can think of is how annoyed you are by such a rude person and all of the sudden you are fuming and your formerly pleasant moment has been shattered forever. That’s how. Sorry if running this red light to cut off a slew of fast moving death machines doesn’t make you happy. Sorry if it doesn’t fit into your schedule for me to die brutally in a horrific accident just so you can get to Taco Bell two minutes before you would have otherwise. If I want to take an extra millisecond to look both ways before turning you can deal with it! I am carrying some precious cargo and would like to ensure its safety. When did it become a motivational technique to emit harsh and loud sounds at people to get them to do what you want? All honking ever does is piss everyone off and induce extreme road rage. Grrrr and if you do this, you know who you are, think about how angry it makes you and think about that the next time you feel the need to blare your horn at some poor person who is just trying to follow the rules of the road. Honestly it makes a bad situation for worse, so don’t be that person because if you are then you are super annoying and I hope your car gets towed.

Now in an effort to not end today with such negativity here is a picture of a puppy 😉