A Little Less Conversation to a Little Less Conservation

My dad told me when he was younger television stations were only allowed to show Elvis from the waist up on account of his provocative hip thrusting. Now given the amount of profanity we are subject to on today’s television, I absolutely love the fact that back then the country’s biggest concern was Elvis the Pelvis. If they could see how far we’ve come now! Somehow in the course of a few decades we have managed to almost completely desensitize ourselves from “explicit” content. Just an observation.

What really intrigues me though is how the decrease in censorship is now reaching children’s movies. PG-13 movies today are now legally allowed to use one F-bomb. When did that happen? Pirates of the Caribbean is rated PG-13 and I first saw that movie when I was 11. I thought it was almost earth shattering when Orlando and Keira kissed because she was probably going to drop dead from cooties. Could you imagine if Jack had won a fight against all of Port Royal and yelled “F*** you I’m a pirate!” My world would have ended.

Now anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have since grown up quite a lot and today have no qualms with colorful language. In my mind curse words are just that, words. I genuinely believe that they are, like all other words, just a collection of sounds that we as a society have decided mean something and to a certain extent I don’t understand how some words were deemed “bad words” never to be used by anyone for fear of a sinful death. It is all a matter of perspective. But it took me a little bit of growing up to come to these conclusions and if I had been 11, I probably would have had some sort of a fit. Yet it is fascinating to watch as these expletives make their way into all forms of our culture and now into the minds of younger audience.

I wonder what Elvis would say if he could see where we are at today. He’d probably be ‘All Shook Up.’ (It’s the little things in life)