Summer Blockbuster Update

(Upon re-reading this I noticed that it is kind of long and potentially boring. So just go into it expecting my opinions, however lengthy they may be, because that is the reason I started this blog. To have a place to put all my ranty opinions and if you don’t like it then cool stop reading but ima do what I do)

I have officially seen 5 of the movies on my highly anticipated summer blockbuster list. So I should probably add some more because there is a good chunk of summer left, but here are some thoughts on the ones that have come out thus far:

  1. Star Trek: Into Darkness– I’ve already spent a massive amount of time singing my praises for this movie, but if you don’t know it is simply awesome so go see it.
  2. The Hangover Part III– I was kind of really let down by this movie. Don’t let that discourage you from seeing it, but know that if you do intend to go you should definitely take a big group with you. Movies are always funnier with big groups of people. Personally I thought it was super boring.
  3. Now You See Me– I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! It got absolutely terrible reviews which I frankly don’t understand. Movies about magic always have to be careful anyway, because the inevitable big reveal at the end of film will either make the movie or break it *cough The Illusionist*. However, as far as this one was concerned I really liked it and I thought the all-star cast was something to be reckoned with. The one comment I have if you’ve seen it, is the plot twist at the end. While admirably unexpected, for me it shattered the illusion of the movie a little because it took away many of the fundamental character interactions and relationships for anyone who ever wants to re-watch it. (I really liked the idea of them outsmarting the dumb detective). Still it was lovely as always to see Jesse taking on a role very unlike the ones he has become known for, Dave setting himself apart from the shadow of his older brother, and Morgan Freeman well is Morgan Freeman.
  4. The Internship– I am absolutely in love with this movie. It also got abysmal reviews, but personally I thought it was nice to have a fresh comedy that was PG-13 and could be funny without being flat out explicit as is the norm for comedies today. For my own peace of mind I want to rebut the most common criticisms people seem to be having about this movie. One-Vince and Owen have lost their chemistry since their Wedding Crasher days. This is false. Though it is a different type of humor portrayed, their chemistry is at its best and lends itself to the natural humor of the movie. Two- It is just one big campaign for Google. Um Duh. That is literally the point of the movie, and it would not be as impactful or relatable to the audience if it had been anything else. Vince Vaugn also wrote this movie which is something not many actors could do. Yes it’s not rated R for a change what a shocker for a comedy in this day and age I know! But everyone needs to calm it down and enjoy it for the light hearted, refreshingly family friendly movie that it is.
  5. This Is The End– In a complete 180 from The Internship, this movie is your typical raunchy comedy. That being said if you like that kind of movie and don’t get uncomfortable easily then there are plenty of laughs to be had here. I’m still not sure if I liked it or not, but for all its misgivings it made me really happy. The ending in particular had me rolling on the ground in a giddy sort of happiness. Plus there is something to be said for the uniqueness of this particular movie, with everyone portraying themselves, and if you are willing to roll with the ludicrously created story line it is pretty hilarious. 

Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship…well you know

Well summer is officially here! Since finals I have been in a perpetual state of moving so I finally found some free time to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness (uhh twice) and after the second time I just want to talk about it so duh what better place to do that than here?! So prepare for all my random thoughts to tumble out in this post…

First of all if you haven’t seen Star Trek: Into Darkness you should go. Right now. I’ll Wait.

It is the perfect blend of unfailing action, beyond fantastic music, a villain with the gift to make anything sound hair raisingly sinister and an interesting story line. On top of which non-trekkies will understand what is happening just fine, but there are still subtle jokes to be found for those of us who grew up with our fathers quoting the show as it played on TV every night. Live long and prosper Leonard! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll want to see it again! Well you probably won’t cry but point made. (Sidenote: Benedict Cumberbatch is phenomenal and if the movie was him running around alone on Kronos I’d still go see it! But it was nice to see him kicking butt and being a good ‘ol fashion baddie)

Moving me to my next point. Anyone who can accurately claim their title as a Whovian would have noticed that Mickey was the man who made a deal with Benedict Cumberbatch’s character at the beginning of the film. Little Mickey! Playing a grown man. In addition to the personal little reunion moment I had after seeing him, it made me start thinking how weird it is to begin the transition of actors you know playing kids in films, to them playing parents. Maybe it is just undeniable proof that we are growing up, but it is still incredibly strange. For instance, a generation ago Tom Cruise was a little kid who got left at home and danced around in his underwear with prostitutes while his parents went away for the weekend. Now he is trying to save Dakota Fanning from an alien invasion, playing drunken washed up rock idols, and trying to save the world with Morgan Freeman.

There was once a time when the biggest problem in Matt Damon’s life was that he was so smart he needed Ben Affleck and Robin Williams to help him get into college. Now he is off buying zoos with Scarlett Johansson. I don’t like it. I need everyone to stay the way they are. I’m not even really sure where I was going with that. Just something I was thinking about.

West out.

(seriously go see it.)

Summer Brings On The Blockbusters!

School’s out for summer! School’s out forever! Not. Sorry Alice Cooper it’s just for a few months. But one amazing thing about summer, besides the lack of pencils, books, and teacher’s dirty looks (again thanks Alice!) are all the great summer blockbusters that come out, and this summer is no exception. So in order of release date here are my top highly anticipated movies for this summer:

  1. Star Trek: Into Darkness (May 15) –The inevitably epic sequel to the 2009 reboot. The only way it could be better than the first one was if Benedict Cumberbatch was in it.
  2. The Hangover Part III (May 24) –We have come to far not to see it to the end. I for one can’t wait to see what mischief the wolf pack manages to get themselves into for this final installment on what has unexpectedly become a record shattering comedy franchise.
  3. Now You See Me (May 31) –Words cannot express my excitement for this movie. It hasn’t been publicized that much, but with this all star cast there is just no way it will be anything less than amazing. Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and MORGAN FREEMAN (to name a few). Yeah, you know it will be good.
  4. The Internship (June 7) –Summer just wouldn’t be complete without a reunion of the wedding crashers. 1) This movie looks hilarious 2) It’s Owen and Vince 3)DYLAN O’BRIEN IS IN IT. Done.
  5. This Is the End (June 12) –I think this entire summer is just going to be filled with laughing, because literally every hilarious person ever is in this movie, plus Hermione. Literally everyone.
  6. Monsters University (June 21) –Of course what would summer be without a littler blast from the past, return to those good ‘ol childhood days.
  7. The Wolverine (July 26) –It’s X-Men, don’t really need to say anything else.
  8. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (August 16) –So Percy Jackson is one of my favorite book series ever. Now, that being said the first Percy Jackson movie was complete crap. They didn’t even get the plot right. THE PLOT! Awful. I know you can’t please everyone, but getting the basic story line right might have been nice for all of us book fans who went to see the movie. Yet, ever the optimist, my hope is that with a new director, slight casting changes, and Annabeth almost having the right hair color there will be some redemption in it for those of us willing to give them a second chance.